​​​​​​Dr Scott Burgess

​​Respiratory and Sleep Paediatrician

Telephone: 07 31610377

Dr Scott Burgess

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Sleeping problems are common and can have a significant impact on children and their parents.

Dr Burgess will spend time understanding your child's problems.

There are two main tests that provide further insights into your child's sleep.

Sleep studies: A sleep study examines a child quality of sleep. In particularly their breathing and restlessness in sleep.

In Brisbane a sleep study can be performed either in a dedicated children's sleep laboratory at the Mater Hospital (South Brisbane) or at home.

In Townsville sleeps studies are available at the Mater Hospiatl for children 4y and older.

For more information about sleep studies click this following link - (click here for further details)

Actigraphy. This is a watch-like device that evaluates sleep over a longer period at home. This gives insight into how much sleep a child is having and their pattern of sleep.